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MF Child Fund

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Help realize your child's dream - An open ended debt scheme


Parents always desire a bright future for their children. They want to give them a good education but often cannot because of escalating costs. Costs are ever rising. Typical cost structure for higher education is



Year 2010

Year 2015

Year 2020

Year 2025


10 Lacs

15.40 Lacs

23.70 Lacs

36.40 Lacs


20 Lacs

30.80 Lacs

47.40 Lacs

72.90 Lacs


8 Lacs

12.30 Lacs

18.90 Lacs

29.10 Lacs


(Above figures are in Rs, based on mutual assessment and assumption of CAGR @ 9%)


This, however, does not deter them from dreaming big for their children. Now, all this is about to change. You can fulfil those big dreams of making your child a doctor, engineer, entrepreneur or any other professional with small savings and income through disciplined investment. Start planning early with Peerless MF Child Plan to transform your savings into the perfect gift for your children when they grow up – the gift of education. Through this plan you will have the opportunity to invest a portion of your savings in gold ETF. Therefore, you need not open a DEMAT account or a locker to safeguard your gold assets in reality.