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Max Life Life Perfect Partner Super Plan(UIN 104N077V02) is a life insurance retirement plan that provides you protection for life and simplifies your financial planning and investment needs. This plan offers you triple benefits. It gives you maturity benefits at the age of 75, provides you with a life coverage insurance and offers you money back feature as well, where you will receive 7.5% of the Guaranteed Maturity    Sum Assured per annum for 15 years to take care of your needs from age 61 years to 75 years. This ensures that you can fulfill all your dreams and have a carefree retirement. So start planning today and enjoy your golden years with pride and independence.   

  • Get Guaranteed 212.5% of the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured
  • Guaranteed Retirement for Your Spouse
  • Flexible Bonus Options
  • Guaranteed Protection Throughout The policy Term
  • Flexibility To withdraw Money To Meet Any Exigencies




Get Guaranteed 212.5% Of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured

7.5% of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured for 15 years from age 61 years to 75 years on each policy anniversary. 100% of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured plus accrued Paid – Up Additions (if any), plus Terminal Bonus (if any) on policy maturity at age 75 years.


Guaranteed Retirement For Your Spouse

Purchase the product on your spouse's name along with Max Life Payor Rider (UIN:104B013V04). This will ensure that the policy continues with all its entire benefits even if your absence.


Flexible Bonus Options

Flexibility to chose your bonus options as per your need :Paid in Cash: Bonus declared will be paid to you in cash

  • Premium Offset :Bonus declared will be used to offset the future premiums.
  • Paid – Up Additions(PUA): Bonus will be used to purchase additional Sum Assured which increases the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured of the policy.

Guaranteed Protection Throughout The Policy Term

The Plan offers you guaranteed protection till age 75 years which continues to grow through bonuses.


Flexibility To Withdraw Money To Meet Any Exigencies

You have the flexibility to withdraw the accumulated bonuses (cash value of the Paid-Up Additions) in case of any need.

This is applicable if the bonus option chosen is Paid – Up Additions. Please note that bonuses are NOT guaranteed and may be declared by Company from time to time.



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