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Max Life Life Gain Premier (UIN 104N079V03) will help you save systematically to build a corpus, which you can utilize to fulfill the important goals of your life. Max Life Life Gain Premier is a traditional participating endowment insurance plan and a complete solution for every milestone of life..   

  • Get maturity benefit of 100% of guaranteed Maturity sum assured
  • Guaranteed Solution For Your Child's Needs
  • Flexible Bonus Options
  • Flexibility To Withdraw Money to Meet Any Emergency



  • Maturity Benefit

    Maturity Benefit of 100% of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured along with Accrued Paid – Up Additions (if any) and Terminal Bonus (if any) at the end of Policy Term to fulfil the desired milestone in life.
  • For Your Child's Needs

    Purchase the product on your spouse’s name along with Max Life Waiver of premium Plus Rider (UIN:104B029V01). This will ensure policy continuance and availability of funds for your child's education/marriage at maturity in case of an eventuality.(dismemberment diagnosis of critical illness or death).
  • Flexible Bonus Options

    Flexibility to choose your bonus options as per your need : Paid in Cash: Bonus declared will be paid to you in cash. Premium Offset: Bonus declared will be used to offset the future premiums. Paid-Up Additions (PUA): Bonus will be used to purchase additional Sum Assured which increases the Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured of the policy.
  • Emergency Withdrawals

    You have the flexibility to with draw the accumulated bonuses (cash value of Paid – Up Additions) incase of any need. This is applicable if the Bonus Option chosen is Paid-Up Additions.




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