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Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan ( UIN:104N085V02) is a Non – Participating Non Linked Savings Insurance Plan. Guaranteed extra income, for your planned as well as unplanned expenses. An Income plan that ensures 100% guaranteed survival of death benefits. Life Insurance coverage is available in this product. This life insurance product is offered and underwritten by Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.


Guaranteed monthly income immediately after Policy Term

Get guaranteed monthly income for 10 years ( Payout Period) immediately after Policy tearm (Starting next year after all premiums have been paid) along with one- time guaranteed Terminal Benefit at the end of the Payout Period.

Guaranteed income that doubles after 5 years

Guaranteed monthly income offered in first 5years of the Payout Period is doubled in the remaining 5 years

Guaranteed Protection with choice of Payout Option on death

The plan offers you life cover for the entire Policy Term by providing guaranteed Death Benefit. On death during the policy term, the nominee will have ab option to select either. Lump sum Benefit or Income for 10 years post death.

Flexibility to get monthly income as lump sum

The plan offers you the commutation Option wherein you can receive the present value of the Survical or Death Benefit respectively instead of the monthly payouts . This option can be availed anytime once the monthly incomes have been stared.

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