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Max Life Fast Track Super ( UNI- 104L082V02) is a Non –Participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan. Make up for the past and fast track your financial goals.  A plan which helps you to achieve your goals by providing you with multiple investment options. Life insurance coverage is available in this product. This Life Insurance product is offered and underwritten by Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd. In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.



Growth for your Fund

  • This plan offers you an opportunity to grow your Fund to meet your goals

Option of Premium Payment Term and Policy Term to cater to your Need

  • Choose Single Pay or 5 Pay for 10Years Policy Term Or Regular Pay for 20years Policy Term as per your need

Financial Security for your Family

  • The plan offers a Maturity Value equal to Fund Value. Death Benefit equal to higher of ( Fund Value, Sum Assured , 105% of all Premiums Paid) and also provides Partial Withdrawal Flexibility

Investment Flexibility to choose from 5 Fund Options

  • The plan offers you 5 Fund options that you can choose from, basis your risk appetite

Safeguarding your fund against market volatilities with Systematic Transfer Plan ands Dynamic Fund Allocation

  • Choose from the 2 investment strategies to protect your fund against market volatilities


  • Unit linked insurance Plan is a long term life insurance cum Investment Plan and is subject to market risks. We do not provide any guarantee of returns.
  • We investment premium (after deducting applicable charges) paid by you in Funds of your choice . Fund choices may vary from Debt (low risk), Balanced (medium risk) and equity ( high risk).
  • Fund Value may rise, fall or remain unchanged, depending on market movement and the Fund ( s) as per your risk appetite.


Please Note: The unit link insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the policy contract the policy holder will not be able to surrender/ withdraw the monies invested in linked insurance products completely or partly till end of the fifth policy year. All applicable taxes cesses and levies as imposed by the government will be deducted from the premium received.


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