Our philosophy is a business standard that shapes the way we relate to customers, business partners, professional colleagues and all other stakeholders.


We want to grow and be commercially successful keeping our focus on the market segment that has largely remained less financially secured or financially excluded while at the same time remaining fully regulatory complaint. Our philosophy creates a sense of trust and, ultimately, makes us a transparent and dependable business partner - thereby maintaining our stakeholder's trust in our ability to deliver on our promises.


Our Vision Statement


The vision of PFPDL is to emerge as the country's most trusted doorstep financial product distributor in the private sector with the lowest servicing cost to the customers and highest commitment to satisfy customer need backed by strong operational support to the customers throughout the service tenure. We also visualise  the organization growth in a manner so that FPD business creates a strong value for the company in the Insurance industry which could be harnessed by the organization for its future growth ambitions. We will accomplish our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, customer touch points, quality service and operational efficiency.  


Our Mission Statement

  • To be a premier financial services company helping people build their security by providing them with innovative financial products and quality investment solutions through dedicated service
  • To fulfill its role as a responsible corporate citizen
  • To provide a supportive and rewarding environment for employees

Our Core Values


  • We treat each other and our customers with dignity and respect
  • We develop close, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and our other stakeholdersWe ensure that our actions protect and enhance our rich heritage
  • We learn from each other and share our competencies and resources across organizational boundaries
  • We stand united in the face of adversity.
  • We reinvent ourselves to create new successes from every challenge that we face
  • We learn from our successes and our failures
  • We display a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • We reorient ourselves continuously to new market and environmental realities
  • We believe in the maxim "Never say die"
  • We conduct our business fairly and honestly
  • We demonstrate fairness and honesty when dealing with our customers and with each other
  • We are transparent in our dealings and are open to scrutiny from our stakeholders and our community
  • We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics
  • We uphold the values and principles of Peerless in every action and decision
  • We listen and respond to our customers and employees with empathy and understanding
  • We develop superior understanding of our customers/ stake holders and their need
  • We develop and deliver products, packaging, and services that help build customer value
  • We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism
  • We are committed to the well being of our society
  • We strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our output (products and services) and in our day-to-day work
  • We demonstrate personal determination to deliver what we promise
  • We act like owners and take responsibility for our actions, behavior and results
  • We continuously strive to improve our performance and set new standards of excellence
  • We are open to new ideas and we act decisively and consistently